To engage your customers with updates and announcements.

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<h2>Transactional SMS</h2>

<p style=”text-align: justify;”><span style=”font-size: 14px;”>The transactional SMS are the informational messages which are sent to your students, members or customer to pass on information necessary for them. Using our Transactional SMS Service you can send SMS to any number (both DND and Non-DND) any time. What all you have to do is to get your SMS template approved from us .Once template is approved by us, you will be having the system either using control panel/API to send transactional SMS. The transactional SMS will go with 6 Characters ALPHA sender id, e.g. LM-MUZTEC which helps your users to identify your brand/company name easily.</span></p>

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Powerful CRM
We Provide Powerful CRM which is user freindly.
Excel Plugin
Intelligent Message Sending (Dynamic Compose &amp; MS Excel)
Multiple Gateway
Multiple Priority Route Forwarding
Genuine Reports
Genuine Delivery Report
Send Dynamic SMS
Send Dynamic SMS Using MS-EXCEL
Send Unicode Messages
Send Unicode Messages
Secure API Hook
Integrates with your existing IT systems.
Group Messaging
Group Messaging


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<h4>Hospitality</h4><br />

Hotel Booking Confirmations and Tour Plan Confirmation, Reservation Details
<br />
<h4>Airline / Travel</h4><br />

<h4>Airline / Travel</h4>
Booking Confirmations and Flight Cancellations, Flight Delays
<br />
<h4>Job Consultancy</h4><br />

<h4>Job Consultancy</h4>
Job Openings and Interview Notifications, Interview Reminders
<br />
<h4>IT Services</h4><br />

<h4>IT Services</h4>
Password Reset Notifications and Server Down Notification, Integration into ERP Systems
<br />
<h4>Financial Services</h4><br />

<h4>Financial Services</h4>
Transaction Alerts and Payment Due Notifications, Payment Receive Confirmation
<br />
<h4>Education</h4><br />

Attendance systems and School closure notifications, Fee reminders
<br />
<h4>Stock Market</h4><br />

<h4>Stock Market</h4>
Trade Confirmations and End of Day Positions,M arket News
<br />
<h4>Retail</h4><br />

Loyalty Program Integration and Festive Offers &amp; Promotions, Shipment Confirmations


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