Why should my business have a Free Call Number?


Your business should have Free Call Number for following reasons

1. Convenience:

  • Invites customers to contact you at no charge form any location in the country
  • Very easy for your customers to remember one single number to reach you.

2. Customer satisfaction: 

  • Customers find it easy to reach you
  • Allows handling customer problems quickly and easily.

3. Boost image: 

It positions your company as a customer-friendly company, creates a more national presence and builds a strong corporate image.

4. Business enhancement:

It improves your business as it attracts new customers, increases repeat business, widens market reach, and assures higher response rates to the marketing initiatives.

5. Cost saving: 

Advertise a number that is same across the country. Television and print ads are simplified & more economical because one advertisement can be created for all regional markets.

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