Videocon’s Consent Template Registration Process


Consent Template Registration

Consent Template is created to acquire prior consent from the customer to send commercial communication which are related to Service or Promotion of Product/Services of an Business Entity.

  1. Click on the Consent Template on the sidebar to view the details of Consent Templates or to create a New Consent Template.

  1. Click on the Add New Consent Template button to create a new Consent Template.
  2. To create a New Consent Template, first type a relevant Consent Template Name as per the Entity business requirement.
  3. In the Brand Name column, the data will be auto filled, and the company name will appear.
  4. To create content for the consent template, type the content required in the Message box.
  5. Once the content is created. Click on the GET OTP link, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Authenticate the process by typing that OTP in the OTP column.

  1. Press Submit button to send the request to the Operator for approval.
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