1800- 103- 4904

What is toll-free service?

The Free Call Number service provides you with a single unique number across the country on which callers can reach you free of charge.
All Free Call Numbers start with 1800.

What is Local Call Number service?

The Local Call Number service provides you with a single unique number across the country on which callers can reach you by paying local call charges.
All Local Call Numbers start with 1860.

Can the Muzztech Toll Free Service be accessed through all the phones?

Presently this service is accessible from more than 200 million phones (mobile & landline) in India.

Reliance has already tied up with all operators (both private & state owned like BSNL and MTNL), paving the way towards an operator-independent 1-800 access.

Very soon, this service will be 100% accessible from all operator phones across India.

Why should my business have a Free Call Number?

Your business should have Free Call Number for following reasons

1. Convenience:

  • Invites customers to contact you at no charge form any location in the country
  • Very easy for your customers to remember one single number to reach you.

2. Customer satisfaction: 

  • Customers find it easy to reach you
  • Allows handling customer problems quickly and easily.

3. Boost image: 

It positions your company as a customer-friendly company, creates a more national presence and builds a strong corporate image.

4. Business enhancement:

It improves your business as it attracts new customers, increases repeat business, widens market reach, and assures higher response rates to the marketing initiatives.

5. Cost saving: 

Advertise a number that is same across the country. Television and print ads are simplified & more economical because one advertisement can be created for all regional markets.

Why should my business have a Local Call Number?

Having a Local Call number service has similar advantageous as Free Call number service. You can choose Local Call number service in the following cases.

  • You want your caller to pay for local charges to reach you. Few companies choose these service for offering ‘Technical help’ or ‘After Sales Service’ to their customers
  • You want to encourage only serious customers to call you and discourage those who call just because the service is available free of charge
  • In applications where there is an incentive for the caller to call; e.g. Callers call to participate in a company’s product promotion contest to win prizes.
How should I tell my customers about my Muzztech Toll Free Service?

You can market your Muzztech Toll Free Service in all your Print, Television ads, your company and product brochures. Your customers will find it easy reach you.

Are there any special numbers available?

Yes, there are special numbers available; they are called Vanity numbers. Vanity numbers are premium numbers, which are easy to remember, and your customers will find it easy to recall your numbers and identify your brand with a number. This will improve your customer contact and enhance your business.

What is the use of IVR?

Many organizations have adopted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to improve the quality and reduce the cost of customer service. This technology provides a number of benefits like prioritization of calls, call routing, call  management.

How many numbers maximum I can send sms at a single shot?

There is no limit to send sms.But for better delivery result  , you  can send sms in slot of 50,000, 1 lakh sms at a time.

What is the Payment Mode ?

You can do the Payment through NEFT/RTGS / Deposit in our Account / Cheque Deposit in our Account.

Is it possible to send sms in multiple languages like Hindi, Marathi etc ?

Yes, by using our special feature UNICODE , you can send SMS in multiple languages very easily, but please note that SMS Credits for regional languages i.e hindi, marathi are different which means 1 Hindi SMS credit will be of 70 chars.

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