Google Appscript Sample Code Send SMS

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Google Appscript Sample Code Send SMS

//write this code in your .gs file
//Your authentication key
var authKey = "YourAuthKey";

//Multiple mobiles numbers separated by comma
var mobileNumber = "9999999";

//Sender ID,While using route4 sender id should be 6 characters long.
var senderId = "102234";

//Your message to send, Add URL encoding here.
var message = "Test message";

//Define route
var route = "default";

var payload = {
        "authkey": authKey,
        'mobiles' : mobileNumber,
        'message' : message,
        'sender' : senderId,
        'route' : route

var options = {
    "method": "post",
    "payload": payload

var res = UrlFetchApp.fetch("", options);

var resAsTxt = '' + res + '';

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