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  • SMS are a wonderful way to communicate. Brands indulge in communicating smoothly with their customers through messaging. There are 2 types of SMS styles which brand follow. One is Transactional and the other is a Promotional. Each of these styles has its own way of connecting with the customers. We will talk you through both of these ways in this article. 

  • A2P Messaging (Bulk SMS) is a service that enables sending a large number of SMS messages to a broad audience - at once. This is a super powerful service to use in your business to deliver SMS messages safely, quickly and directly to your customers worldwide. If you’re running competitions, marketing campaigns, notifications to employees, promotions or events, Bulk mass messaging is the best platform to use for sending out a high volume of messages in one go.

  • Bulk SMS API is a software interface that enables your business to integrate SMS into an existing software platform, website, third-party application, mobile app, or CRM. By simply entering a few parameters, you can send any number of customised SMSes to a large number of users/customers. You can also schedule campaigns at any time of the day, allowing your business to operate outside business hours — as and when your customers need you. 

  • You pay for each SMS which you send via Muzztech Bulk SMS software or via Bulk SMS API. In Muzztech you can start sending SMS from INR 0.13 to INR 0.20 per SMS. and if your SMS volume requirement is high, then you can send per SMS in ₹0.13 (which is lowest in SMS industry). Muzztech Bulk SMS Service is free to test - Free credit will be provided after signup.

  • Muzztech's Most Important Tips to Enhance Customer Service with Bulk SMS service

    SMS is fast, reliable, easy, and cost-effective. Simply, SMS works on every phone, anywhere in the world. With sms marketing businesses can communicate with their customers instantly. In fact, 98% of people open their messages just about to check what’s inside. Therefore, SMS texting or bulk sms can be a great way to take your business to the next level. Moreover, you can customise the sms messages as per your campaign needs. And this helps you to enhance customer services to a great extent.

    Following are some of the ways how can be customer service enhanced with the help of SMS texting:


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