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  • A missed call service can help poll polling, voting, customer feedback, mobile verifications, etc. Missed call services are one of the best means of lead generation without costing the company another dime. Plus, a missed call does not cost the customer the service they love.

    It is essential to understand how the missed call alert system works. The company gets a dedicated mobile or virtual number to call quickly. After a single ring on the number, the call gets disconnected automatically. A confirmation SMS is sent to the caller informing them that the call has been registered and somebody will contact them as soon as possible. The customer's information is stored in the database along with the number they have called from, and whenever needed, the database can be easily accessed. The agent can schedule a discussion on the requirements of the customer.

  • The Missed Call Solutions have emerged as an essential strategy. and missed call marketing is finding widespread popularity these days. In business terminology, missed call marketing refers to marketing products or services using a phone number where customers give a missed call. The call is disconnected automatically after a few rings and the business records the response for diverse purposes.  Let us highlight the most amazing use cases of missed call service for businesses.

  • With the thriving growth of startups in the country, businesses have already started using new technologies to keep up their pace with the competition in the market.  Nowadays, when the employees are working from home and customer demands are constantly rising, one can say that cloud telephony is going to stay in the coming years.

    Cloud telephony is a technology that takes your telephone system on cloud. Thus, no need to setup physical system that eats up your office space. Not only this, cloud telephony comes with lots of long term benefits for startups, which are discussed below

  • A missed call solution brings businesses closer to their prospects. It aids to call back their customers who gave missed calls on their business numbers. Also, it helps businesses to know their customers before they provide them with solutions. It happens via auto-dialer, or through an automated IVR message, a voice bot, or a live agent.

    Eventually, missed call campaigns benefit both the parties – the caller and the receiver. Especially for enterprises, it can bring significant value. Some of the key benefits of missed call marketing are as follows. Missed call promotion is a great way to build, grow, and engage your customer base frequently. Besides, it’s more helpful in – 

  • A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn’t bound to a fixed location. Virtual numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phone, such as VoIP desk phones, cell phones, or softphones. It’s perfect for employees in the office, or those who work at home. You can select which devices receive calls from the virtual number, and change them when needed. This flexibility is why they’re sometimes called “secondary” numbers. 

  • Whether your marketing campaigns are going to be successful or not depends mainly on the persuasiveness of your communication tactics which you use while reaching out to your potential customers. Why would a customer be interested in your services if your business fails to provide a high-quality customer experience? For providing 24*7 customer support, whether it is online or offline, the agents should make sure that they are able to solve customer queries in a systematic way. 

    Internet voice response (IVR) is a solution that enables call centers or service-based businesses to improve their efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.


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