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  • A toll free number doesn't just provide your customers with a free way to contact you - it also allows you to answer calls from anywhere.  Our bespoke call forwarding lets you direct calls to anywhere in the world, and even set up a chain of reroutes so if the first number doesn't answer, the call can be forwarded elsewhere. You'll never miss an important call again! Our toll free numbers come with a range of features including voicemail to email, fax to email, IVR, custom greetings, time/day scheduling, call forwarding, and real time reporting, giving you advanced call management capabilities and allowing you to adapt your toll free number around your business needs.

  • With the thriving growth of startups in the country, businesses have already started using new technologies to keep up their pace with the competition in the market.  Nowadays, when the employees are working from home and customer demands are constantly rising, one can say that cloud telephony is going to stay in the coming years.

    Cloud telephony is a technology that takes your telephone system on cloud. Thus, no need to setup physical system that eats up your office space. Not only this, cloud telephony comes with lots of long term benefits for startups, which are discussed below

  • If you want to get a Virtual Phone Number, you should consider several vital points before selecting a Virtual Number. The technology is gaining immense popularity with the help of the best virtual phone number providers. It is becoming an inherent part of business operations. Let's laser-target the key points to inform and educate you about this fantastic technology.

  • A Toll-free number is a cloud-based contact number used by businesses to enable their customers to call them free of cost. A toll-free number is also known as free call or freephone and starts with a specific prefix number. The numbers mostly have a prefix number beginning with 1800, 800, 888, 855, etc., representing a particular geographical code. It is similar to that of code applicable to a geographical area. The toll-free numbers begin with the prefix 1800, followed by six or seven-digit unique numbers in India.

  • Cloud solutions ensure that your employees remain productive and engaged while riding this emotional roller coaster. They also help streamline and enhance communication with your remote team.

    Why cloud telephony?

    Cloud telephony, a technology that facilitated the shift to remote work, offers businesses efficiency and functionality. You can benefit from reduced overheads and increased productivity while employees enjoy a comfortable, collaborative environment, flexibility, and comparative freedom. You can manage your business communications without any limitations or security concerns, regardless of location and time zone. 


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