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Website Builder

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No coding skills required!

Website Builder

A website builder is a tool that allows you to build a website without coding experience. There are two different types of website builders: online and offline. An offline website builder is a software that you download to create the website on your personal computer. Online website builders are web-based and allow you to create and edit your website directly on the company’s server.

How does work Website Builder?

A website builder converts your drag-and-drop commands into code. They can either be hosted by the company or connect to your hosting provider. Most website builders offer a selection of themes or templates that are suitable for different types of websites. For example, a portfolio would use a different template than an e-commerce store. Once you select a template, you’ll be able to customize many of the features.

Depending on the website builder, this includes elements like typeface, the layout and the size of the text and images. You may also be able to add contact forms and embed videos.

Features of Website Builder

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Many website builders allow you to drag and drop the components of a web page to design it as if you are assembling a collage.

Pictures and Video Storage

Website builders make it easy to upload pictures and videos. With Squarespace, for example, you’ll have access to an image gallery on your account.

Hosting and Domains

When you’re building a website, you need two components other than design: a website host and a domain name (the URL used to navigate to your site).

Third-Party Integrations

Website builders make it easy to integrate third-party applications like social media feeds or shopping carts. 

SEO Analytics

This will give you information about which websites your traffic is coming from and how viewers found you.

Business Email

Most website builders come with the ability to create an email address with your domain name as the extension.

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Benefits of Website Builder

Low Cost

if you hire a professional designer typically costs in the 25k-35k per month, but Website Builder is low cost than designer.

Control over the look and feel

When you create a website yourself, you get to choose the overall look and feel.

No coding skills required

In Website Builder you dont have need to learn HTML, CSS etc. Website Builder provide the facility of Drag & Drop.

Easy for beginners to use

A website builder is easy for beginners to use.


Website Builder is very flexible to use. In website builder you can also decide on: Color options, Fonts, Backgrounds, Formatting, The placement of different elements the page etc.

Pre-designed templates

It include more than 100+ pre-designed templates for website building.

Website Builder: Use Cases



A website builder is an ideal solution for freelancers, small businesses or anyone who wants to set up a website quickly, easily and without a larger investment

Marketing Products & Services

Marketing Products & Services

For SMEs, using a website builder for marketing projects and websites is a good option.

Got Questions?

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Can I build a website without programming knowledge?
Yes, you can build a website without coding by Website Builder.
Do I need to hire people to build a website?
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