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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Business

Improved Customer Experience Through an Integrated IVR

Inbound IVR

IVR stands for Interactive voice response (IVR). Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables users to interact with a phone system through the use of voice commands and DTMF tones input using a keypad. IVR systems automatically take the incoming calls. And depending upon the customer inputs, it routes the calls to the best-suited agent.

In simple words, an IVR system plays a pre-recorded voice that prompts individuals to give their responses by pressing numbers on the mobile keypad to choose an option.

How does work Inbound IVR?

Customer reaches out on the business phone number provided by your website. They hear a greeting with pre-recorded message with further prompts them to input certain numbers via their keypad to receive corresponding outcome. Once the desired IVR is dialed by the customer, the process of fetching data takes place and the required information is relayed back to the caller.

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Features of Inbound IVR

24x7 Customer Support

Offer 24x7 uninterrupted support to your customers via record messages and provide instant query resolvement.

Multi-lingual Support

Offer multilingual support to customers with customized English, Hindi and regional custom messages.

Live Panel

Agents can conviniently track live calls and see real-time call logs and statistics in the live call dashboard.

Call Routing

Call routing enables the available agents to answer the customer calls as the call routes to the free agents to reduce customer wait time. instant query resolvement.

Instant Notifications

Missing a customer call means losing the opportunity to solve their problem. With real time SMS and email notifications, you can keep a track of every call your agent misses.

Call Recording

Record every call in real-time to listen to them later and maintain quality standards.

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Benefits of Inbound IVR

Auto-attend Incoming Calls

Automatically answer all the incoming calls and provide customers with a detailed menu structure for self-help navigation.

Represent Your Brand

Through an Interactive Voice Response System, an enterprise can effectively blend in its brand image while interacting with the customers while they call.

Enhance Agent Productivity

Maximise agent’s productivity by eliminating everyday mundane tasks and shift focus on high-value customer interactions.

Handle High Call Volumes

With self-help and auto-receptionist options, businesses can handle rising call volumes effortlessly.

Collect Feedback

An IVR dialer is an effective channel to gather callers’ feedback or run a survey

Reduce Operational Costs

IVR systems replace a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents

IVR: Use Cases

Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback

An IVR dialer is an effective channel to gather callers’ feedback or run a survey

Conduct Market Research

Market Research

Conducting this type of research via IVR helps you to be agile, as questions can be updated and changed as needed, and results can be viewed and analyzed instantly.

Customer Support

24x7 Customer Support

Play a pre-recorded message mentioning you are closed and your office timings for post office hours calls

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

If you sell products or services that require reordering or renewals, automating the reminder and reorder process with an outbound IVR survey can be a real cost-saver.



Block unwanted numbers, while prioritizing critical clients and customers.

Manage Inbound Calls

Manage Inbound Calls

IVR auto-attendants can replace live receptionists, helping your business cut costs and provide 24/7 customer service.

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What is IVR?
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology utilized to automate the inbound calls by allowing businesses to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages with DTMF input using a keypad.
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What are the different types of IVR?
Why does my business need an IVR number?
Can I use my old business number along with the IVR number?
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