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Why every business should use bulk SMS service?

Why every business should use bulk SMS service?

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In today’s world, SMS has +90% open rate compared to 20% open rates for email. SMS also has high response rate. By adding links within the SMS you can improve sales, conversion rate and website engagement. Muzztech is on a mission of making the SMS Industry simple, transparent and less costly. Our Bulk SMS platform designed to help small to large business owner who want to send promotional, marketing, OTP, multimedia & alerts SMS. For any purchase or enquiry, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Captures Customer’s Attention

Getting customer’s attention is the key to open the possibility for your business or service. Here the necessary aspect that counts to be working for the customers is time spent by the customers in reading an e-mail or SMS. It also includes the effort that is made by the customer while reading the text.

SMS stands more effective than an email because it asks for lesser effort from the customers and when delivered, the message is read even later. So even if it is read with a fleeting sight, it stays there in the customer’s attention.

Provides Return on Investment

Bulk SMS is also cost-effective, and you just need to put in minimal investment to get this service, and the returns you yield are very high. Also, the factor that helps in making the idea of bulk SMS work is, you can use it according to the scale of your business.

Effective Communication

Although bulk SMSes are a unidirectional communication channel, a contact number, a website link can be easily shared through the message. Such information can be used for customer’s further reference. In addition to this, a personalised message can be sent to the respective set of customers according to the details of demographics and their interests.

Targets Specific Customers

With the help of bulk SMS, your campaign can target a particular set of customers. The best practice is to compartmentalise your customers according to their interests and inclinations, and then you can send specific messages to the respective groups.

The bulk SMS helps you connect with a big group of customers with the same interest. Emails fulfil the same purpose, but the effectiveness of the SMSes is far more.


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