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Cloud Telephony for Managers: How to Motivate, Communicate, and Enrich Your Remote Team in 2022

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Cloud solutions ensure that your employees remain productive and engaged while riding this emotional roller coaster. They also help streamline and enhance communication with your remote team.

Why cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony, a technology that facilitated the shift to remote work, offers businesses efficiency and functionality. You can benefit from reduced overheads and increased productivity while employees enjoy a comfortable, collaborative environment, flexibility, and comparative freedom. You can manage your business communications without any limitations or security concerns, regardless of location and time zone. 

What is Cloud Telephony Services? How Does it work and Benefits

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Cloud telephony is a type of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), essentially enabling organisations to run a business phone system through their internet connection. Also commonly known as cloud calling, cloud telephony offers business voice services, run and managed by a third-party operator or host. A cloud phone system, often in the form of a VoIP- based hosted PBX system (voice over internet protocol), carries voice calls as well as messaging, video calls and file sharing all under one unified platform via your business internet connectivity. 

The Future of Sales and the Role of Cloud Telephony in Business

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The sales profession is in a deep state of flux. It’s transitioning to a digital-first approach from an offline, seller-driven approach, with the focus moving firmly to the buyer. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly played its part in this shift, accelerating the digitisation of all things and effectively, revolutionising the nature of communications. To thrive after disruption of that scale, companies must alter their sales strategies and make them future-forward. 

Types of Chatboat

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A chatbot is known to be an AI-based program simulating human conversations. They act as digital assistants that are well versed with human capabilities, understands the user intent, promptly answer their questions and give solution to their issues. With the invention of chatbots, the interaction between customers and brands has completely changed. Having conversations with customers and providing them instant responses has made chatbots beneficial for businesses.

How To Expand Your Online Business In The Global Market?

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The advent of the world wide web in the 90s opened a new way of doing business. With the launch of several online businesses, customers began preferring the relative ease and flexibility of interacting with businesses online. Today, almost all businesses are online—from service to e-commerce. This resultant clutter makes it difficult for an upcoming brand to be seen by a target base. Without the proper exposure, businesses struggle to stick to their existing base too. Thanks to technology, these worries have specific and robust solutions. In this article, we will be talking about one such technology that is aiming to enhance the most crucial part of any business: communication.


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