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How Can a Toll Free Number Help Your Business?

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A toll free number doesn't just provide your customers with a free way to contact you - it also allows you to answer calls from anywhere.  Our bespoke call forwarding lets you direct calls to anywhere in the world, and even set up a chain of reroutes so if the first number doesn't answer, the call can be forwarded elsewhere. You'll never miss an important call again! Our toll free numbers come with a range of features including voicemail to email, fax to email, IVR, custom greetings, time/day scheduling, call forwarding, and real time reporting, giving you advanced call management capabilities and allowing you to adapt your toll free number around your business needs.

Toll-free numbers improve customer retention

Many times, customers end up finding out that there is no way to get in touch with the business directly. The idea of not being able to reach out leaves a bad impression on the customers and hampers credibility. 

Having a toll free number helps businesses to improve their customer service as it enhances customer satisfaction. With a toll-free number in front of them, they will never hesitate from reaching out to you. The more they reach out the more things you learn about your business and can improve upon them. The advantage of making a call to the business at any time without paying is like a bonanza for customers.

Toll-free phone numbers are easy to remember

An 1800 number for business is easy to remember when compared to any other number. When it’s easy to remember a business toll-free number, customers are more likely to get in touch with the business. Toll-free numbers can enhance customer experience and in turn, increase the revenue of the business too.

Toll-free numbers help increase the credibility

Toll-free numbers are a great tool for companies of all shapes and sizes, especially startups. Being a newcomer, if you provide a toll-free phone number to your customers, it will help in building better credibility.

You can easily monitor your campaigns

Let’s say you are running a few marketing campaigns. Many campaigns might be running on billboards or other print and digital media. Once you assign these campaigns with their allotted toll-free numbers, you can start tracking multiple details about your campaigns. You can track the details of the customers reaching out to you for all those individual campaigns. Also, their geographic location and their most preferred hour of making calls.


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