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How Toll-Free Numbers Work: Types of Toll-Free Numbers, Business Benefits & Best practices

How Toll-Free Numbers Work: Types of Toll-Free Numbers, Business Benefits & Best practices

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A Toll-free number is a cloud-based contact number used by businesses to enable their customers to call them free of cost. A toll-free number is also known as free call or freephone and starts with a specific prefix number. The numbers mostly have a prefix number beginning with 1800, 800, 888, 855, etc., representing a particular geographical code. It is similar to that of code applicable to a geographical area. The toll-free numbers begin with the prefix 1800, followed by six or seven-digit unique numbers in India.

How do they work?

The different types of toll-free numbers work in an organised manner. When a company publishes the number, the customers dial the number. They don't have to pay any charges. The call is then routed to a cloud telephony company such as Muzztech -which is one of the best toll-free number providers in India. The company then connects the call to the business, and the agents receive the call. In this way, the business effortlessly connects with its customers with cloud telephony solutions.

The numbers encourage the customers to call the company as it is free-of-cost and can be connected 24x7. Hence, they offer the customers the ease to communicate with them quickly and whenever they want to. The cost of the call is transferred to the organisation, so the business bears the cost of the call.

How many types of Toll-free numbers are there?

The Toll-free numbers can be broadly categorised into three categories

Domestic Toll-free number- A domestic company with offices in different locations in a country uses this toll-free contact number to enable its customers to call them quickly and without incurring any charges.

Universal International Freephone Number - UIFN is an eleven-digit number that can be used by an organisation universally in all the geographical locations in which it conducts business. Businesses with a global footprint or who want to create an international presence should get the UIFN number. Companies can use this same toll-free number irrespective of the geographical area and enable customers to call them hassle-free.

International Toll-free numbers- These free contact numbers are country-specific numbers, and a business can easily use the number to connect with its customers. In this way, the customers can call the company without incurring any expenditure.

What are the Business Benefits of Toll-free numbers?

There are various benefits associated with this cloud telephony solution. Hence a large number of companies are getting these numbers. They help increase lead conversion, as with more callers, a business receives potential opportunities to convert leads into customers. It also helps to build and create a higher recall value. It provides higher customer satisfaction as the customers don't have to pay anything for making the calls.

Best practices to be considered

While getting a toll-free solution, a business should consider toll-free numbers that align with their business, as different types of toll-free numbers are available. Customer convenience should be the top priority as it should be easy to remember enabling the callers to dial the number quickly. It would be best to choose the best toll-free number service number provider that can provide high-quality services.


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