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Inbound-Outbound IVR: The Best Combination to Get More Customers!

Inbound-Outbound IVR: The Best Combination to Get More Customers!

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IVR stands for Interactive voice response (IVR). Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables users to interact with a phone system through the use of voice commands and DTMF tones input using a keypad.

An Outbound IVR is a contact center solution used to proactively distribute communications to customers. This technology allows an organization to automatically engage customers through multiple channels, such as automated voice calls, SMS messages, email or social media posts using personalized notifications.

IVR stands for Interactive voice response (IVR). Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables users to interact with a phone system through the use of voice commands and DTMF tones input using a keypad. IVR systems automatically take the incoming calls. And depending upon the customer inputs, it routes the calls to the best-suited agent.

Outbound and inbound IVR: definitions and benefits

A balanced inbound and outbound IVR service helps serve numerous purposes in the call centre. Here’s how:

Inbound IVR

Inbound IVR lets callers seek solutions by navigating them through a series of options. It understands their issues through DTMF tones or voice recognition and routes them to the agents that best suit their needs.

Automated customer assistance 

Handling multiple calls at once, especially during rush hours, can be stressful for your agents. However, Inbound IVR calling can help them attend bulk calls simultaneously. Callers are prompted to choose the most relevant option from a list of possible solutions using their mobile devices. And based on how the call continues, it intelligently routes them to suitable agents.

Facilitating inbound sales 

When information about offers and deals are conveyed to consumers via emails and SMSes, businesses can add their virtual numbers for the ease of customers. The IVR system can analyse incoming caller details to determine if it passes as a pre-qualified lead. If a lead attains considerable scores on essential metrics, the call can be routed over to a relevant agent.

Intelligent call routing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facilitates extremely effective call routing within the contact centre of the organisation. With self-service tools for customers, agents can focus on calls that require enhanced attention and understanding.

Useful metrics and cost-effectiveness

Inbound IVR calling is also equipped to record incoming calls and track other metrics like call duration, wait times, first call resolutions, etc. By evaluating these metrics, your business can focus on adding value to its customer experience model, enabling you to convert more buyers into loyal customers.

Outbound IVR

Using outbound IVR service for pull marketing can help automate engagement activities via various sources like calls, email, social media etc.

Scenarios where outbound IVR proves to be very useful for business include:

Sending out surveys

Collecting customer feedback regularly is conducive to a business’s growth and automating calls using outbound IVR helps reduce dependence on support agents.

Sending promotional updates

Using automated calls and emails to inform customers about your organisation’s future plans can be a great tactic for push marketing. These outbound IVR calls can play a pre-recorded message to the customer and prompt them to a number that they can call to interact with an inbound IVR system.

Sending important reminders

Outbound IVR service can send reminders regarding pending payments, renewing subscriptions, etc. to both customers as well as prospective buyers. In addition to this, outbound calling also enables them to do complete activities like bill payments using IVR itself.

Reminders can also be sent to people who were open to communicating with the brand but did not act upon it. They can be prompted about offers and promotions, finishing their registration with a business, etc.


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