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Top 5 Ways Outbound Dialer can be used effectively by Enterprises

Top 5 Ways Outbound Dialer can be used effectively by Enterprises

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Outbound Dialer (OBD) is an automated phone call that essentially relays a pre-recorded voice message to the customer. It can be sent to an end number of users at any given point of time in the language of choice. However, how automated calls can work for most businesses? Can they do more than just delivering automated outbound calls and messages?

Outbound dialer calls are versatile and can be used for call blasts, scheduling appointments, client outreach, integrated call campaigns, surveys, product marketing, reminders, follow-ups, feedback, event-based calls, political campaigns, event registration, OTP through Voice Call, etc.

Benefits of Outbound Dialer

Feedback/Registration with DTMF input

Feedbacks are an important aspect in any customer journey and OBD performs this function while making it look exceptionally effortless. For example, if any event company needs feedback about their event, they can get feedback by sending an OBD to all attendees with a single level DTMF input. The user can press 1 if they liked the event or 2 if they disliked the event.

Personalized Calls

OBD’s versatile nature can be utilised to send personalized calls to a large number of bases. Eg. – for payment reminders, such as loan payments, mobile bill payment due dates, etc. Financial companies find it costly to use their customer service agents to call customers for their EMI payment. Also, they are not able to touch base with all their customers on time. OBD assists these institutions in touching base with all the customers with personalised information about the EMI date and amount. Hence, in a single campaign all the users with different amount and due date can get a call with their respective amount. This way the financial institutions can use their agents more strategically for other interactive activities and cross-selling other bank products.

Lead Generation & Call Patching

Call patching enables a brand or enterprise to link its callers or prospective leads in real-time with suitable customer care agents or Sales Expert via a CPaaS/cloud communication provider. A financial company sends a call to potential users that they are eligible for a personal loan of 5 Lakh. If interested, the end-user can press one and as soon the customer presses one, the call is patched to the agent immediately.

Product Promotion

Usually, the OBD feature is used to promote a product and then encourage users to know more about it by connecting to an agent by pressing the necessary keypad inputs.

An e-commerce giant’s seller platform gives access to sellers to list and sell their products on the website. Few sellers were struggling to sell their products. The e-commerce website wanted to assist sellers in improving their impact listing thereby improving their sales. The e-commerce giant came up with third-party services that help sellers sell their products effectively like choosing the right category for the product or presenting with the right kind of images.


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