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IVR Systems: Making Banking Easier

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Switching to an IVR system offers a host of advantages, including smoother workflows amid employees. To begin with, the banking sector receives high call volume on a daily basis and agents spend a huge part of their day resolving customer queries. This not only limits their potential but also their skills as they have no time to spend on core tasks. 

An IVR can easily resolve this problem by implementing FAQs or a step by step procedure that can help customers and free agents at the same time. Furthermore, you can do all this with the right IVR designing strategy and at a surprisingly economical rate.

Fraud Detection

One of the most common issues faced by account holders globally is the likeliness of a fraud. There is nothing more a customer would like than having a system in place to keep such issues at bay. Having an IVR can assist with the same. For instance, with an outbound IVR, banks can create awareness on possible frauds or suspicious transactions in accounts. Swift notifications, such as these, can not only prevent monetary fraud but also instil confidence in your clients. It ensures them that you are going the extra mile to keep their money and assets safe. 

Overdraft and Deposits 

It is not a pleasant experience to tell your customers that they’ve overdrawn from their account. Neither your agent nor the customer looks forward to the conversation. An IVR can easily take this burden on and initiate automatic calls to customers to update them regarding their transactions.  An automated call eliminates the awkwardness and merely states the account’s details. A simple call with relevant updates can also help your customers avoid overhead charges that might usually get overlooked. In case of any discrepancies or query, the customer can immediately connect with a live agent.

 Loan Status and Approvals 

When it comes to loan applications, customer queries are never-ending. Right from the application process, to the approval time, EMI dates, interest rates and so much more. And one of the most pertinent queries? The loan approval status. Instead of having your agents answer all these questions, employ an IVR solution. Your IVR can handle all manners of queries. Say, for instance, customers want more information on the new loan policy changes. In this case, combined with your IVR, a text-to-speech technology can give customer real-time updates.  

Service Information and Customer Feedback 

In case you have a new product or service to offer to your customers, then there is no better way than an IVR to inform them about it. Instead of your bank agents repeating the same features to various clients, an automated IVR call can contact your entire client base and give the same information. This will also eliminate the risk of your agent missing some noteworthy information.


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