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Bulk SMS API: How It Works & How to Get Started?

Bulk SMS API: How It Works & How to Get Started?

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Bulk SMS API is a software interface that enables your business to integrate SMS into an existing software platform, website, third-party application, mobile app, or CRM. By simply entering a few parameters, you can send any number of customised SMSes to a large number of users/customers. You can also schedule campaigns at any time of the day, allowing your business to operate outside business hours — as and when your customers need you. 

How does Bulk SMS API work?

The SMS API is an HTTP-based REST API that enables you to send SMSes using internal applications or software. It allows you to send SMS messages using code. You can trigger SMS notifications to your customers on autopilot based on predetermined conditions. Once integrated with an SMS API, you can send an HTTP POST request, which will then automatically trigger SMS campaigns to the numbers of your choice.

When to use Bulk SMS API?

Bulk SMS APIs can be used every time you need to send SMSes to a large group of users/customers. Depending on the nature of your business, this can be any number of things such as promotional messages, deadline reminders, educational information, status updates etc. 

Promotional SMS campaigns using Bulk SMS API

The most common use case for bulk SMS API is promotional campaigns. Businesses send regular SMSes to customers to inform them of new offers, discounts, product launches, sales, events etc. For large promotions, businesses also schedule a series of SMSes that include reminders, special offers, customised messages etc.

Regular updates to customers

Banks, for instance, send periodic updates about account balances to customers. The Income Tax Department sends reminders to taxpayers about upcoming deadlines. E-commerce portals remind customers of abandoned carts or stock availability of particular products. All of these are bulk SMSes that can be automated with Bulk SMS APIs.

Announcements and educational messages

Since the pandemic, the situation across the globe has been volatile. Businesses have been using Bulk SMSes to inform customers about latest developments like stores being closed/reopened, stock delayed/arrived, schedules changed etc.

Types of Bulk SMSes

The two most common types of bulk SMSes are static and dynamic Bulk SMS APIs. 

1. Static bulk SMS: This is when you send the same content to a group of numbers. Typically, these are reminders, product launch updates, promotional messages etc. Static messages can be easily cached and remain the same every time it is delivered to the user.

2. Dynamic bulk SMS: This is when you send a different message to each customer. These SMSes are personalised content that changes based on factors like customer’s location, time-zone, or their stage in  purchase journey. Messages about current bank balance, order confirmations, delivery updates are examples of this.


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