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How can a Chatbot be Useful in the Real Estate Industry?

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A chatbot is a piece of automated messaging software that uses artificial intelligence to converse with people. Chatbots are programs that respond to incoming messages automatically. Chatbots can be designed to respond consistently, respond differently to messages containing specific keywords, and even apply machine learning to modify their replies to the scenario. Conversational chatbots are critical to providing better digital experiences for your consumers, from lead generation to support.

AI Chatbot Meet Real Estate Industry

In the process of development, AI chatbots play a vital role. The influence of chatbots is one of the changes that AI has brought. AI has evolved industries on a huge level. These days most companies are leveraging artificial intelligence to develop the most suitable solution. AI chatbots and real estate industries have realized that AI chatbots provide solutions and offer long-desired options.

Here are some of the roles AI chatbots play in the real estate industry.

A customer’s interest in a particular site can be triggered if he gets an instant response to their queries. As a result, they will be more inclined toward that website, and there will be more chances of a customer returning to it. The best thing about chatbots is that they offer convenience, speedy and efficient response that leads prospective clients to land on your website.

Retrieval of Information Discovery

Humans previously did the retrieval of information, and it was time-consuming. To provide customers with the best deals, it is necessary to scrutinize customer information. The user’s overall experience can be negatively affected due to the long wait time because of implementing filters, searches, etc.

Few Use Cases of Chatbots in Real Estates

Here are the top use cases of a chatbot in real estate:

Generate Leads from Digital Users

When a user opens a real estate website, a chatbot opens up. The Real estate chatbots start a communication with the prospective online buyer and ask them whether they are looking for buying, selling, or any other related information. In addition, Chatbots can reach out to customers via email or text about their promotions on properties and campaigns on rental homes.

Customer Profile Building

Chatbots can ask users for information to have an idea of preferences in terms of

  • Area, city, and the town where they live and what are their top preference to buy a property
  • Budget of the prospective buyers for enlisting their properties and whether they prefer to rent, buy or lease?
  • Choice of properties like apartments, houses, or condos.

Chatbot gathers this information from prospective buyers to create a profile for each user and give them personalized property options and listings.

Answer property-related Questions

While searching for a property, prospective buyers might have some doubts or questions about various aspects, and chatbots answer them. Chatbots have access to the agency’s database, answering the buyer’s queries regarding agency, working hours, available locations, etc.

Schedule Property List

Chatbots can schedule property walkthroughs with a live agent for prospective buyers. The chatbot can go through the realtor’s calendar and provide them with available dates and slots for them to choose from. Once they choose a date, Leads or customers can book their schedules for viewing the properties or meet the realtor through a chatbot.

Collect Reviews

After purchasing a property or signing a rental contract, the chatbot can collect reviews from the prospects via emails by requesting them to fill up the survey sent by it or via text to have a conversation and understand their overall experience.

 Benefits of Chatbots in the Real Estate Industry

Chatbots are quite technically sound and provide more advantages for customers.

24*7 Availability

Customers do not need to wait in line to get a call with customer service personnel nowadays because a chatbot is available all around the clock to attend to a lead and can handle many leads at a single time.

Instant Response

The chatbot can deal with thousands of customers instantly and simultaneously and improve the average response time.


This AI chatbot comes with omnichannel messaging support features that benefit the customer to communicate with a business through various channels such as Facebook and the website.


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