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Missed Call Service

Generate Leads,Live Event Poll, Increase Response 10 Time To Regular Number.

Missed Call Service

Missed call service is a fast and cost-free medium to collect customer responses and generate relevant leads for your customer. Every missed call helps you collect a high-quality lead. A missed call solution aids businesses to call back their customers who gave missed calls on their business numbers.

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How does Missed Call Service works?

A customer sees your ad/campaign and seeks his interest. He progresses to call on the number as displayed on the ad. The call now lands on the virtual number and gets disconnected. A new lead is generated in the missed call directory and Call logs are accessible in the Muzztech dashboard or can be pushed to your CRM via API integration. An automatic call/message is triggered on the customer’s number informing that we have received their participation.

Features of Missed Call Service

Automated Messages

Missed call solution generates automated texts which are send to all the customers who dialed your missed call number

Call Recordings

The conversations between the customers and agents can be recorded and used in case of future reference.

Live Reports

Get real time reports of all miss-calls. You can access your reports anywhere, anytime.

Analytics Dashboard

You can track the progress of your workforce and significant business experiences with analytics dashboards.

Automatic Call Disconnection

After a customer dailes the missed call number, the call automatically gets disconnected allowing the agent to get back to the customer as soon as possible.

Cloud system

Missed call is a cloud telephony service. Never miss a single call.

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Benefits of Missed Call Service

Zero Cost to Customers

The customer incurs absolutely no cost. Missed call services increases engagement.

Easy Integration

Muzztech’s missed call services can be easily integrated with SMS, IVR and E-mail based call-to-actions.


The actions are all trackable and can be easily analysed

Expand Market Research

By launching missed call SMS campaigns during promotional periods, enterprises can broaden their brand awareness.

Quick Set-up

Quickly set up and seamlessly manage your cloud-hosted missed call service with an easy-to-use web interface.

Marketing & Survey Tool

Use missed call service as a marketing platform to promote your brand by conducting feedback, contest and customer surveys.

Missed Call Service: Use Cases


User Verification

The verification of the clients and the activities created by them is possible by sending them an OTP on their phone to validate them.

Service Confirmation

Service Confirmation

Ask your customer’s to give a missed call to a number after receiving the service from the company.

Voting & Contests

Voting & Contests

Gathering reactions from live events like polls and contests is also easer than ever with a missed call number for the voters.

COD Verification

COD Verification

Take the Cash-On-Delivery confirmation from the customer after it is successfully delivered to the right address.

User Registration

User Registration

Registering users for messaging alerts in the future is as sending as sending them a registering link after a missed call.

Build follower groups

Build follower groups

Start building a highly engaged group of supporters whom you can reach them any time. With a missed call, these followers voluntarily opt-in to receive your content.

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What are missed call services?

Missed call service is a simple way for a customer to contact you without spending a single paise. 

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