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Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is a form of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to lakhs of numbers which includes promotional content about the products / services and features. A promotional message can come in many forms, such as a television or magazine advertisement, Real Estate or a slogan on a product package or about any other offer .

Whatever form it takes, the promotional message is meant to get across a certain message about the service the company is promoting. The cost effectiveness of the promotional campaign by using Bulk SMS service make it ideal for newly launched of small scale businesses as well as an industry.

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Send Unicode Message

Unicode BULK SMS enables you to send messages in the language of your choice. like- Hindi ,Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc.

Power Full Panel

Used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention

Send Dynamic SMS

With the feature of dynamic SMS you can send different type of data to different people at the same time by the use of MS-excel.

Multiple routes

Our multiple Gateway Setup allows you to split traffic in many ways so that your messages will deliver faster. 

Excel Plugin

You can install excel plugin in your Desktop/System and can send SMS by MS. Excel easily. You can direct use excel plugin to sent sms without open sms Panel

Secure API Hook

Through using API system you can send SMS by integrating this system in your website and software. it used to generate OTP SMSs

Advanced  Panel

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