Get toll free number with a smart Call Management System

Toll free (1800)

Muzztech offers the best service and prices available on a toll free service. Customers can call you more easily on your toll free number, and you can forward and answer those calls anywhere in the world.With toll free number service, your customers will be able to call you at no cost to them, and their calls can be routed to any of your existing phone lines, including cell phones, office phones, or PBX systems. You can easily Boost sales with a toll free phone number.

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Toll-free Service Basic process

  • Customer Calls to your TF No.

    Customer call your number & choose extension

  • Calls is Answered

    Call attended at 1st ring

  • Calls is tracked

    Never loss Business leads and pay only as you grow model

  • Notifications

    Via. SMS, E-mail, Web panel, recording, reports & logs

Why choose our Cloud Based Toll-Free Service

Our TollFree Service is a web based panel with detailed call log panel. Your entire call conversion along with any voice mails are automatically recorded into our cloud based TollFree system. And you can listen call recording anytime by just login into your web-based call log panel.

Toll free 1800 Plans and Pricing

  • Start Up Plan

    1,500 Monthly
    • 1500 Minutes/ Month
    • call Rate 2.10 Paise
    • SMS alert (As per SMS tariff)*
    • Term 12 Month
    • Multi level IVR
    • Members (Upto 15)
    • Call Recording
    • Setup Charge (As per requirement)*
    • Unlimited Users
    • Premium IVR Recording (Chargeable)*
    • Time Based Routing
  • Mature Plan

    4,000 Per month
    • 4,000 Minutes
    • SMS alert (As per SMS tariff)*
    • Term 12 month
    • Multi-level IVR
    • Members (Upto 15)
    • Call Recording
    • Setup Charge (As per requirement)*
    • Unlimited Users
    • Premium IVR Recording (Chargeable)*
    • Time Based Routing
    • Call rate INR 1.10/Minute


All plans are charged on plan basis. Service Tax/GST will be charged extra as applicable.
1. All our services are on pre-paid model.
2. Unless otherwise mentioned SMS & other charges are chargeable according to the plan.
3. “All Inclusive” charges only for the given plans and the taxes on that amount.

Features of Toll Free Number Service

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate your toll free number with leading CRM softwares and automatically add customer data.It was help to store the customer records.

Auto Call Recording

Set up and manage your call recordings in your Muzztech online CRM. Choose to record every incoming call, or  recording to specific exetsnsion on your account.

Whitelist & Blacklist

Set caller preference, alternately, prevent misuse by blocking unwarranted callers from spamming your toll free number.

Real Time Dashboard

Access call logs in real time, hear recordings of your toll free calls. Draw valuable business insights with a customizable data dashboard

Real Time Call Logs

You can view reports on the calls you receive and time spent on each call. By logging into your account you can instantly view the number of calls received. You can download call deetails also in excel file.

Office hour configuration

Allows for ticket generation or specialized alerts for out of office hour calls. Provides acknowledgment greeting or message to callers while your agents are off duty.

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