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Voice Call

The Voice Call can be a powerful productivity tool for organizations that depend on proactive outbound customer communication in their business models. Voice Call Service Provider features optional, state-of-the-art outbound dialing functionality (including predictive, progressive, preview and IVR dialing) with an array of easy-to-use campaign management features to increase efficiency and effectiveness of outbound calling.The Voice Call gives service providers who want to include outbound dialing as part of their cloud-based offerings a competitive differentiator and provide pull through for other services. It empowers business users to maximize the efficiency of their contact center operations by taking advantage of both inbound and industry-compliant, proactive outbound calling.

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Service Feature

24*7 technical support.
24*7 technical support.
Single Pan India Number
Single Pan India Number – Integrate with your brand message
Powerful CRM
You can get detailed analytics of who gave a Missed Call and time and duration of your response,how long the response call from your agent was.
Quality customer service
Quality customer service
Auto response options
We provide auto response option through SMS,Email,IVRS.
Powerful and Efficient
Simple yet powerful and efficient.
Integrates with your existing IT systems.
Automatic disconnect
Automatic disconnect after one ring – Easy to use.

24*7 Technical Supports

24×7 technical  support is our one of the best online support services. 24×7 technical support providing quality services at anytime, anywhere.

Powerful CRM

Customer Relationship Management is process that a company follows for proper execution of practices, strategies and technologies to manage customer interaction.

Single PAN India Number

Single Pan India Number – Integrate with your brand message.


We allow http API for application connectivity. Integrated with your existing IT system.

Quality customer service

Quality customer service entails providing efficient, quick and friendly service, building strong relationships with customers, handling complaints quickly .

Auto Response option

Auto response option would help you greatly to be able to tell clients that you’ll get back to them shortly through SMS IVR and Emails.This being helpful in many ways, when all people need immediate responses these days.

Our Plan Of Voice Call

  • No. of Calls

    • 500  credits
    • 5,000 credits
    • 10,000  credits
    • 50,000 Credits
    • 1,00,000  credits
  • Rate(Pulse=30 Sec)

    • 1 Rupees /Pulse
    • 0.60 Paise / Pulse
    • 0.40 Paise / Pulse
    • 0.35 Paise / Pulse
    • 0.30 Paise / Pulse
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